Hippie Bus, Cottonwood, Arizona

Gail and Pat at the Hippie Emporium, Cottonwood, AZ June 2017

Psychedelic bus in Cottonwood, Arizona

Parked in front of the Hippie Emporium,

Do you lure people into the store?

Aging hippies hoping to recapture the good old days

On Haight and Ashbury.

Was it the youth they had or the youth they wanted?

Today the world needs love.  Could lovebeads help?

Poem 4, April 4, 2019


9 thoughts on “Hippie Bus, Cottonwood, Arizona”

  1. How can I be reading a poem for April 4 on April 3? Have I suddenly become psychic – able to see into the future – or is Pat “cheating”?

    ha ha ha …. falls about the place laughing – must be the psychadelic vibes! She’s En Feugo!


    1. When I hit publish, it immediately published rather than give me the normal schedule option. I was too stupid to figure out why. I’m not cheating, just a day ahead of myself.


  2. Love this! I remember those buses — and t-shirts, and other clothing items! Yes, love is coming back into style.
    The #GlobalSussexBabyShower has created such global interest by emphasizing love. Their slogan: ” #Don’t Hate. Donate.” Reminds me of the hippies’ slogan: “Make Love, Not War”.

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