The Devil Wind

paradise fire

The devil wind slumbered in its rocky keep

Dreaming of Paradise lost.

Unseen disturbance

From somewhere at sea

Invaded its dreams.

Yawning and stretching like a great kat-

abatic wind it had yet to become,

The devil wind stirred briefly.

Cool ocean air streamed inward

Across deserts

Up western slopes

Jostling the devil wind awake.

It roared into life,

Leaping up from its Great Basin lair

To rage down mountains

Rampage through passes

Gaining strength and fury

Its power constricted

But not contained.

Nearer the coast,

Hellish powers unleashed

Furious winds

Mercilous heat

Bankrupt humidity

A spark became a flame became a malstrom.

Equal opportunity destroyer

Rich or poor

Urban or rural

Pets or wild animals

Accident or on purpose.

Nothing mattered

Santa Ana raged supreme until

the weather changed again.

paradise fire aftermath



3 thoughts on “The Devil Wind”

  1. Powerful words, I liked your use of katabatic, because I love the ancient Greek language, but I also like how this has levels of application too.


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