National Library Week

Happy National Library Week.

What type knowledge do you seek?

Do you need it for school, for work or for fun?

Ask a librarian to get the search done.

We can find it online or inside a book

We’ve done this before and know just where to look.

You’re not a problem, you’re a means to an end.

You come in as a patron and leave as a friend.



10 thoughts on “National Library Week”

  1. Our local library has it’s annual Fine Forgiveness period during National Library Week. If you have overdue fines, you can bail yourself out by bringing non-perishable food items to donate to the local food bank. The size of your forgiveness donation depends on the size of your accumulated fines. It kills two birds with one stone, so to speak.

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  2. Libraries are the greatest invention since reading! Also, since I’ve been reading your blog, now every time I see a funny meme on Facebook, or a link to an article about libraries, I think of you. Of course, I fully appreciate that you are well-rounded, multi-faceted individual, blah blah blah… Library Lady!

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    1. Thank you JeanMarie. I just saw an interesting movie tonight, The Public. A group of homeless men decides to take-over the Cincinnati Public Library one night during a severe cold spell because there are not enough homeles shelters. The sympathetic librarian has to decide whether or not to let them stay. It ends fairly happily and does a good job of showing the impact of the homeless on the public library.

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