SS Jeremiah O’Brien


Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien.JPG
Currently docked at Pier 45 in San Francisco

Dedicated to my father and the other civilians who sailed in these (mostly) unarmed merchants ships during WWII

  Living symbol of the Arsenal of Democracy

Built in 56 days.

Launched in 1943.

One of three remaining Liberty Ships

Out of the 2,170 built during the war.

A rare survivor of the D-Day armada,

Operation Overlord.

After D-Day, transferred to the Pacific Theater

Outlasting most of the people who built her

The crew who served on her

The enemy who tried to sink her.

Mothballed in 1946.

Restored as  museum ship in 1979.

 Returning to Normandy

for the D-Day 50th anniversary.

Still serving in 2019.

Facts from Wikipedia




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