Write to a D-Day Veteran

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June 6th marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.  Of the 16 million US WWII Veterans, fewer than 400,000 remain today. The average age of our remaining ‘D-Day Survivor’ veterans is 96!

On June 4th through June 9th, the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA will be hosting “The Final Salute: D-Day Plus 75 Years” which will combine the best of the Memorial with the best of the D-Day story: a gathering of veterans and the general public at the nation’s memorial to the invasion of Normandy for reflection and remembrance – the story of ordinary people in extraordinary moments.

Below is a list of D-Day Veterans who are able to attend the National D-Day Memorial’s Final Salute.

Write them (one, two, three … or all) a letter of gratitude. Your letters will be presented to each D-Day Survivor in attendance in the hospitality tent.

In addition to expressing your gratitude, tell them about yourself – and the things you’ve done with the freedoms they fought and sacrificed to ensure we have today.  This is an awesome group/school/family project. Unfortunately, we will not have these national treasures with us much longer. Don’t let them leave this earth without taking a moment to personally thank them for their selfless service.

Send your mail directly to:

The National D-Day Memorial

attn: Veteran’s Name

(or if a generic letter: Attn: D-Day Veteran)

PO BOX 1171

Bedford, VA 24523

Mail needs to arrive on or before June 3rd. 

6 thoughts on “Write to a D-Day Veteran”

    1. So glad you are. That is my goal (might get at least one written.) Are you going to the D-Day Memorial on June 6? I’d like to but not sure I want to deal with what I hope will be crowds. I’ve been there twice and found it a lovely and moving place to visit.


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