In Praise of Weekday Mornings

I’ve always been an early bird.  Even in retirement, my husband and I still get up around 6 am.

Weekday mornings are a pleasure for  the retired.  While the rest of the world hurries off to work or school, retirees often have the luxury of waiting until rush hour passes.  Then we often have the road, the stores, and the restaurants to ourselves.

If you go to a popular restaurant for lunch on a Monday through  Thursday,  you often see gray haired couples, or ladies who lunch.  Sometimes a bridge club will be holding its meeting and playing bridge at the same time.   Imagine going into a Barnes and Noble cafeteria where you don’t have to wait in line for your Starbucks beverage and there is table available where you can read your book or get on your computer.

The gym is also less crowded.  It’s easier to take a class, find an open piece of cardio equipment, or an open lane in the pool.  There are fewer people competing for the benches of the weight lifting equipment so they can read their emails or texts. The locker room is not crowded with ten of your brand new BFFs.

While students and 9-to-5 ers countdown to the weekend, retirees countdown the hours until Monday morning–when the rest of you go back to your classroom, your office, or your factory.

Once or twice a month I drive to DC or Northern Virginia.  If I time my drive right, I can get to Fairfax County from Charlottesville in about 2 hours.  Otherwise, it can take 3 hours (if there are no traffic accidents or road construction).  Along the way, there is seldom a line for gas or the McDonald’s drive-through if I need a break.

Summer can mean more teens and children around, but what you gain in kids, you lose in school bus traffic.

In addition to less people and less traffic, early mornngs have fresher air. In the summer,  temperatures are cooler and  plants are more refreshed. Birds sing and animals may be out and about. In the winter, retirees often have the luxury of waiting for the sun to melt the frost on their windshields so they don’t have to scrape.

Don’t pity us.  It does suck to get old, but we have weekday mornings to enjoy.

14 thoughts on “In Praise of Weekday Mornings”

  1. I agree! We get up early, too, and weekday mornings are quieter before traffic picks up and then after the kiddos get off to school. Weekends people are so busy, I guess. We’re not retirement age yet, but we like weekday mornings.

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  2. RIGHT! I’ve been retired for way longer than you have, so I discovered all of those lovely benefits a bit earlier. When I discovered them, though, I took exactly the opposite lesson. I no longer have anyone telling me to be up at 6 a.m. and then dash to work in time for a 7:30 meeting, so I stay in bed. I sleep late, wake up gradually and listen to the radio, and roll out of the house after everyone else has already left for work and the roads are clear again. At the other end of the day, I can stay up as late as I want, gleefully thumbing my nose at people who can’t afford to oversleep the next day. There’s no special merit in being a morning person or a night owl. The joyful discovery of retirement is that you finally have the freedom to be whichever one you choose.

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  3. True. Since I’ve never been a late night person, it certainly works for me. The only embarrassing part is hoping it will be 8 so I can go to bed if there are no plans or anything I want to watch on tv. (I have become my father–heavy sigh!)

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