My Father’s Deck Logs

USS Midway September 1945 deck logFor the past two years, I have been making a monthly trip to the Archives II in College Park, MD to copy deck logs for the USS Midway (CV-41).  I copy the deck logs to a thumbdrive and when I get back home, I upload them on to a virtual drive for the Midway.  Volunteers transcribe the deck logs and add the names to the Master Crew List.

A few months ago, it occured to me (not being the brightest puppy in the kennel) that I could also copy the deck logs from a  destroyer that my father was CO (Commanding Officer) of in the mid 1960s.  It is fascinating to read the handwritten logs.

So far I have learned that they were one of the possible rescue ships for two Gemini missions, and that Dad seemed even handed when handing out punishments during Captain’s Mast.  I had to chuckle at one of the Officer’s of the Deck (OOD’s) who consistently charged two sailors for failing to appear at Muster when the ship was at sea.  The  names would be written down and then crossed out.

I have not yet gotten to the logs that cover the ship’s round the world cruise, including on station time off Vietnam.

Once I get all of the decklogs copied, I plan to copy them to thumbdrives and give them to my siblings for Christmas.  Since none of them know about this blog, much less read it, I think the gift will be a secret.

9 thoughts on “My Father’s Deck Logs”

  1. What an interesting project. Is that part of your volunteering? As to your personal project for your dad’s logs, I think it’s really cool that you get to see a bit of your dad’s professional life. It’s very thoughtful of you to share them with your siblings – who should be reading this and supporting you FabYOUlous you!

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    1. Yes, JeanMarie, it is part of my volunteering. I also do some copy cataloging (they send me the author, title, ISBN so I can look it up on the Library of Congress or OCLC WorldCat websites). I haven’t told my sibling about the blog. Love your FabYOUlous–may have to use it (with attribution.)


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