Reblog: International Day of Yoga 2019

International Day of YogaDid you know that tomorrow is International Day of Yoga 2019?

I am sporadic in my yoga practice.  I do know that on the days when I practice yoga and meditation, I sleep better and am more centered.  If  we benefit from it, why don’t we do it more consistently?  But  that is a topic for a different  day.


8 thoughts on “Reblog: International Day of Yoga 2019”

  1. Oh dear, I do yoga 4 mornings a week.5 on rare good weeks but I totally missed yoga day…..damn it I missed the chance fir a cake to celebrate …..rigorously after my practice 😉

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      1. I started doing it in my early twenties and then in my thirties gave up because of the kids,work and etc but then went back and realized how much I missed it and he much is good fir is my exercise routine.I m not a model but I feel good😀

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