Today is National Hot Dog Day

two hot dogsCan we be frank for a moment?  On July 4th, Joey Chestnut once again won the eating contest at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Contest by eating 71 again.

Most of us are not in his league, but if you want to eat hotdogs at free or reduced prices, this day is for you.  Lifehacker has put together a list.

What do you call your hot dogs:  Franks, Weenies, ‘Dogs, Weiners? Do you prefer hotdogs or hamburgers?

Do you like them grilled, fried, boiled, steamed, or some other way?  Do you eat pigs in a blanket?


Should hot dogs be consumed a natural, in a bun, with catsup, mustard, or mayonaise,  plain or toppped with chili, cheese, onions or relish?

What is your favorite hot dog side?  Beans, coleslaw, mac & cheese, potato chips, some other type of chips, french fries?

What is the perfect beverage to accompany your dog?  Beer, coke or pepsi, cold water, milk, iced tea  (sweet or unsweetened) ?

hotdogs with chili and coleslaw.jpg



14 thoughts on “Today is National Hot Dog Day”

  1. I’m not one to ask, but that doesn’t mean that I have no opinion. When my kids were young, hot dogs and hamburgers were on the rotating menu because (1) they are fast and easy to make for hungry mouths and (2) kids that don’t eat hot dogs and hamburgers are weird. Those days are well behind me. It’s been at least 20 years since my last hamburger and more than that since I ate a hot dog. I have no moral objects to them. I just don’t care for them much. That said, I do have a bratwurst with sauerkraut on Fourth of July because (1) it’s my civic duty as an American and (2) I do like bratwursts. Saving up till the 4th of July makes mine special. And a brat without sauerkraut is … well … naked.


  2. Now this is a holiday I can get behind! I love hotdogs. Just ketchup please. I typically will bring home a package from the store a few times a year when it’s hot cause you cook them on the stove, not oven.. Mmmm!


    1. I like hot dogs from time to time too. My favorite is probably grilled with just catsup. I like the all-beef franks and delude myself that maybe they are a tad healthier.


  3. The occasional hot dog is fine, especially cooked and eaten at some sort of outdoor event, or camping. A bun is necessary as an edible hot dog holder, and ketchup and mustard as well. Eating contests, on the other hand, are gross.

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  4. A very ‘Merican thing isn’t it? Goes hand in hand with baseball. This side of the Pond they’ve always been available but competing with other fast food options, none of which flatter the waistline.

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