Get to Know Your Customer Day–July 18, 2019

According to National Day Calendar,

Get to Know Your Customers Day reminds businesses to reach out to patrons and get to know them better. The day is observed annually on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, October).

So for this quarter, that is today!

I invite you  to let other readers of this blog and me  get to know  you better.  Here are two different options.

  1.  Tell us something about yourself and your blog (if you have one) in the comments section of today’s blog.
  2.   Submit a proposal for a guest blog.   The topic can be one of your chosing, but I do ask that it remain respectful and respectable (to at least the PG level)   If you decide you would like to do a guest blog, please send me an email with the proposed topic,

12 thoughts on “Get to Know Your Customer Day–July 18, 2019”

  1. I don’t count in the “customer” column. My role is Trusted Friend and Loyal Reader, so I will throw your statistics off. I have wide-ranging interests and a short attention span, so I look forward to your varied menu of fascinating topics. There’s always something in there to spark a new thought and — sometimes — a reply. I don’t have a blog of my own or much desire to create one, but I’m flattered when you or someone else decides to riff on some comment of mine. I’m also pleased by the range of things that you repost from other blogs. That’s where I see the greatest advantage of blogs over, say, web sites that post pithy articles and personal essays. Blogs can invite a dialog of sorts, at least to the extent of collecting feedback, and they reflect the interests of a community beyond the blogger herself.

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    1. I concur with your role of Trusted Friend and Loyal Reader. Thanks very much for proving that today by writing the first response. Your comments and insights are always welcome. Do you have a proposed topic for me to riff on?

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  2. How about nasty flying pests of the summer? It’s hard to imagine that mosquitoes and black flies are anyone’s friends, but they must have some redeeming features that I have overlooked. Maybe they keep you from falling asleep at the keyboard? Or help you exercise your arms and shoulder muscles? Or your vocabulary?

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