Knee Replacement Recovery, 1 Week in–5 Lessons Learned

With surgery a week ago tomorrow,  I have no complaints about my surgeon or the surgery.  The recovery has had it’s plusses and minuses.

  1. Pain management – I’ve found this to affect almost every other part of my recovery to date.  When the pain is less, I am better–not as irritable, apthetic, bitchy–you name it.  Right now this is the part of my recovery that I am most dissatisfied with.
    Given the possible addictive nature of opioids, I am relieved to say that Oxycodone did the least that I could discern and has been the easiest to give up.
  2. Value of Friends and Family- From my family, through my  real life friends and my virtual friends in Second Life and those of you in the blogosphere, I can not over emphasize how much your cards, texts, messages, comments, and visits have  meant to me.  They really do help–especially for those that have the patience to sympathize with the  days I am bitching because I am frustrated or in pain.   Yesterday, the Bionic Blonde (2 knee replacements, 2 hip replacements, 2 Achilles Tendon repairs) drove an extra 2 hours out of her way to stop by for a visit.  I had my first outing in her car since coming back from the hospital last Friday.  We made a stop at Dairy Queen since we both love their Caramel Burst Blizzards.   Since she has gimped the walk as well as talked the talk, I rely on her insight and experience that this too shall pass.
  3. PT uber alles.  I am fortunate to have 3 weeks of at home PT followed by a period of out patient PT.  I was a semi-regular gym rat (love my reclining bicycle) before my surgery so I have not found the exercises too arduous yet.  I have also, gratefully found, that each day I get stronger and more agile.
  4. Listen to your body carefully.  There is a fine line between pushing  yourself enough to get stronger and hurting yourself.  As a long time Weight Watcher, I can only use the analogy of appetitite and hunger.  Do I want to eat because….or am I really hungry?  If I’m hungry  or in real discomfort, then I take the feeling seriously.  If I just want to  eat (or in this case  sit in my chair), then it’s past time to get off my ass and onto my walker.
  5. You are your Attitude.  We all prefer to be around cheerful, optimistic people.  I also face the daily/hourly challenge of realizing that only I can determine which type of person I will be.  I think I’m an optimsist by nature (not to mention a staunch introvert) so I’m not struggling as much as I might-but there are those moments.

16 thoughts on “Knee Replacement Recovery, 1 Week in–5 Lessons Learned”

  1. It sounds like you are continuing to make progress and are keeping your spirits up. You can count on as many votes of confidence as I can forge daily. Trust in the powers of your body and the miracles of modern medicine (and whatever faith you have in other support). They carry a lot more weight than my best wishes, as sincere as mine are.
    Oh, and eat your vegetables and get a good night’s sleep. My mom said that, so it must be good advice.

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  2. Number 5 is important and likely the one I have to struggle with the most. Thanks for being a part of Number 2. (Virtual Friend and not the other Number 2–in retrospect, wish I had given this one a different number .)


      1. Knees come and go , but over all manageable 😉I have reunited with girls last Monday . We are on our two weeks family vacation at the moment and apart the heat is good I must say.😀
        Did I miss them?
        A little fir first time this year but don’t tell them ….I’m afraid she is making me softer🤷🏻‍♀️

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