What Are the Boons in Your Life?

Youth is a silly, vapid state, Old age with fears and ills is rife; This simple boon I beg of Fate – A thousand years of Middle Life.–Carolyn Wells

A boon is a thing that is helpful or beneficial. Its archaic definition is a favor or request.

For me, boons are those simple,  unexpected gifts that life hands us occasionally.

It can be the earliest Christmas lights in the neighborhood or the unexpected ones that shine through the night after January 1 or January 6.  Or people who once a year do not draw their curtains so you can enjoy their Christmas tree as you walk or drive past .

It’s the earliest fall colored leaves or the last ones that cling to the trees after the rest have flown, fluttered or swirled off to other destinations.

The grass greening in the spring, new leaves sprouting on tree limbs, the progression of Spring flowers from crocus through daffodils, tulips, and iris.

Cold fronts in summer and warm fronts in winter, when the temperature and humidity give us a break from the norm.

Someone who pauses briefly to acknolwedge me (or any of us)  as a person, not background noise or an impediment to someone they really want to see or talk to.

The person who gives up his/her seat to someone in need on a bus, holds the door open, offers to help carry a heavy burden,  or smiles along with a salutation and how are you.

Flags and bunting on houses on patriotic holidays.

Pumpkins, scarecrows, and  chrysanthemums in the fall.

Small military convoys driven by troops in uniforms as I travel down the road.

Blogs or stories that touch my heart and make me think.

Friends both old and new that make the effort to stay in touch–in person, by mail, by voice, or electronically.

Family (for the most part.)

Oceans, mountains, green spaces and the opportuity to visit  and enjoy all of them.

National Park system.

Unexpected glimpses of wild animals–bears in a National Park, squirrels in the back yard, birds on the wing or on a limb.

Memory–the chance to enjoy these boons again and again.

Beautiful sunrises/sunsets.

The freedom to worship or not (as one’s conscience dictates)

Volunteers that keep so many activities rolling along.

What  are your boons?

15 thoughts on “What Are the Boons in Your Life?”

  1. I can think of so many that it’s hard to know where to start, or when to stop. ….

    Fresh snow on a crisp January morning.
    Good health
    An infinite variety of wildflowers
    Longtime friends, many of whom I have never met in person
    Challenging puzzles of all kinds
    Clean water
    Public radio
    Billy Collins
    A friendly local coffee shop (and coffee)

    I’m on a roll here ………

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    1. Now you’ve done it. I was trying hard not to think of donuts. It’s like trying not to think of an elephant, but I had almost succeeded. Thanks a LOT.

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  2. What a great list, Pat! Some of my boons: music; buds forming, especially on delphiniums; hummingbirds visiting plants in the garden; reading great posts by fellow bloggers. And I agree with Rolig about public radio, both NPR in the US and Canada’s CBC.

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  3. Thanks, Pat, for urging us to think about this! My list: wonderful memories, great family, true friends, important work, supportive writing peers, enjoyable reading matter, lovely music, good food and drink, beauty of nature, and more days yet to anticipate.

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