Today is Bad Poetry Day

I never knew this until day when I saw it on a blog.

Bad poetry day

I’m guessing that bad poetry may be as subjective as good poetry, but verse?

Teenage angst has produced some phenomenally bad poetry.  So has too much alcohol and drugs.

I sit here in a drunken daze

Seeing double through a wine fueled haze

Is this my bed in which I hurl

Or does it belong to some guy or girl?

Example of bad poetry (and I have had nothing to drink for several days.)

What are your most heinous examples of bad poetry?  Who is your least favorite poet?

13 thoughts on “Today is Bad Poetry Day”

  1. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Some poems rhyme,
    But this one doesn’t.

    I think I heard that poetry parody when I was in grade school, and I probably laughed. It’s grade school humor. And bad poetry. I also remember the words to “Easter Parade”, which we had to memorize and sing for a school program that year (and which, if not bad with a capital “B”, is at least sappy lyricism). Grade school was rife with examples of poor creative writing.
    I would never have told my Dad, but some of the worst poems I ever read were his. Dad wrote some truly awful doggerel, and couldn’t understand why none of it was ever published. He tried hard, but editors agreed. It was bad.

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  2. Thumbs up for Bad Poetry Day! ha ha! I encourage anyone who wants to write poetry to just DO IT and don’t worry about whether it’s good. it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to write bad poetry when you start out. I know I have, and still do! It’s all in the revision people! But it’s possible to get better and I won’t go on and on. I just believe in encouraging people.

    I go to open mics and read online poetry journals, I hear/read a lot of bad poetry! It comes with the territory. I don’t have a least favorite poet. Of course, I don’t have a favorite one either. It’s very possible to improve. It requires work. But a lot of folks, well, they just want ego strokes. OK, to finish out this very long (overly long) comment, let me include one of my own BAD poems – written mostly to amuse myself.

    Thank you Internet
    for all the photos and videos
    of adorable bunnies, babies,
    porcupines and pigs.
    I don’t have to travel to Africa
    or endure the zoo to see baby elephants.
    I can see all the dogs and cats I want
    from the comfort of my chair.
    I am saved the expense
    of vet bills, furry furniture and poop patrol.

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  3. Bad Poetry? Perhaps there is no thing. Maybe it’s all subjective? Like literature, maybe if something inspires, makes you laugh, etc then this is all that matters? No matter what other people think?

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