Word Musings

Does WEird imply that most of us are a bit strange,  at least to somebody else?

The source and type of illumination can  change how we percieve the world and how the world percieves us.

Why do men (who would probably not routinely interupt another man) feel that interrupting a woman is perfectly acceptable?

Sufficient is in the eyes of the beholder.

Do you need chlorox to clean out your gene pool?

Does “This too shall pass” refer to bad luck, pain, the current politcal climate, or someone’s intestinal issues?

Bullshfting – Is that a change where you store your fertilizer?

A woman says something.  No response from any man.  Two-three minutes a man will repeat what she said as if if were an original thought of his.  Does it take a man that long to process the thought or that long for the sound ripples to lap against  his ear drum, resonate along the neurons, fire a few synapses and trigger the brain/tongue combo to function?



17 thoughts on “Word Musings”

  1. Deborah Tannen, who has been publishing her research on gender differences in how we communicate for the past 25+ years, has observed more than once that everyone interrupts. The difference is that men typically interrupt to outdo each other and women interrupt to reinforce each other. So, a man will interrupt to say, “You think THAT’s funny? Let me tell you what happened to ME…” but a woman will break into a monologue repeatedly to say, “Oh, that’s awful! I know just how you feel.” For men, the goal is to gain control of the conversation. For women, the goal is to keep the conversation going. It’s an interesting difference (not necessarily always gender-exclusive, but typical enough to recognize as a common pattern).
    As for men hijacking women’s ideas, that’s also well-recognized. If it’s any consolation, men try to hijack each other’s ideas all the time too, but are also more likely to resist being hijacked. It’s that competitive thing again. Listen to see how often a man says, “That’s exactly what I said ten minutes ago,” and how rarely a woman will say it. And of course, once hijacking is uncontested, do you imagine that it will stop?

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  2. I’ve never heard a man say that he said that a few minutes ago. Not saying you aren’t right, just saying I’ve never experienced that. I’ve said it to men on multiple occasions (usually my husband.) As always, you’ve elevated the conversation.


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