Reblog: Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the Delimma of Selfies

This sensitive posting was done by Natalia of Renegade7X.  This was posted on September 3, 2019, 80 years and 2 days after WWII started, when Germany invaded Poland.  To read this post click here.

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4 thoughts on “Reblog: Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the Delimma of Selfies”

  1. Very informative and insightful article, I’m glad you reblogged it. I feel like reading about the camps with the photos makes an actual visit unnecessary, I never wanted to visit because I’m very sensitive and being there would really disturb me. It bothers me that people would take smiling selfies, even an unsmiling selfie seems morbid. When I was in college (practically a lifetime ago), there was a special event to commemorate the Holocaust. A mic was set up in the main center square where students were always present and the names of the victims were read aloud. This took a long time, different readers took turns because the list was so long. During the entire reading of the dead; students were happily eating lunch, socializing and laughing together about parties and classes. No one seemed to care or even notice the names of the dead. It made me silently angry at their indifference. People amaze me sometimes with how disconnected they behave, no respect at all.

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