October 22 is INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY and Nut Day and National Knee Day

caps lockI AM NOT SCREAMING AT YOU, I’m just celebrating National Caps Lock Day.  I have a keyboard which has a caps lock key but it  does not light up when the caps lock is on. Typing my password can be problematic, particularly when I am in an app where my username is all in CAPS.  For those of you who can not  get enough of National Caps Lock Day, it is also celebrated on June 22. (Not sure why this day rates two occasions to celebrate.)


Nut Day celebrates the health value of eating nuts.  It  does not refer to the drooling, raging nut I become when I have to bring up a word document so I can tell if I am typing all in caps or in upper and lower case letters.  (What is the sense of having a password where you can actually see what  you are typing?  If you can see the password so can anyone looking over  your shoulder.)

It’s also National Knee Day.  (This day strikes very close to home for me. My arthritic knee and my artificial knee trade-off being the “good” knee.)


From the Checkiday website:

Today’s holiday is the bee’s knees, so think a little bit about how you want to celebrate it instead of just making a knee-jerk reaction. Here are a few ideas on how to spend the day:


14 thoughts on “October 22 is INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY and Nut Day and National Knee Day”

  1. In just one day there are many celebrations. The adventures of your day to day, told in that way, are the most fun. Starting the morning with a smile is the best thing that can be given to the spirit. Your positive energies reach us in the best way. Take care of your knee so as not to blur the celebrations. I like to read you. Regards.

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  2. That is a very sweet comment. Thanks for taking the time to remark on the blog post. You read it exactly the way it was intended and I can’t ask more from any reader. The knee is now doing much better–just stiff without too much pain.
    I enjoy reading your poems too. https://macalderblog.wordpress.com/
    Since my Spanish is functional and not fluent, I also appreciate the English translation.

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  3. Thanks, Becky. When I get frustrated with the stiffness I have to remind myself that at least the pain is much better. My keyboard also randomly skips spaces like the ‘at least’ above. It drives me as crazy as going in and out of All Caps by accident.


  4. Oooo! A trifecta! As a confirmed typoist, I can relate to Caps Lock Day. I only recently replaced my keyboard with one that does have a light on the Caps Lock key, so maybe I will stop making THAT mistake. It warms my heart to know that the international community acknowledges my pain, however.
    As a lifelong nut lover, I also welcome recognition through Nut Day. A good share of my daily protein intake is from peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts — my “go to” snack food.
    And,as the dedicated friend of a person recovering from knee surgery, I definitely relate to Knee Day. May yours continue to improve, making you pain free and fully mobile. And ready to do the other knee…..

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