Reblog from National Anthem Girl: Send Christmas Cards to Lonely Vets in Hospice Care


Veteran’s Last Patrol’s purpose is to ensure no veteran faces their last years, months, weeks of their lives alone. They would love to deliver YOUR cards to veterans who are alone in hospice this holiday season! This is a GREAT project for your students, children, office group…everyone! Please consider sharing this mission with others. Here’s all the info you need:

How many cards should I send? As many as you can! Veteran’s Last Patrol is currently working with about 100 veterans. The more cards each vet receives the merrier! Be creative! If you’ve got some creative students/kids – have them draw pictures too!
Do I need to put postage on each card? No. If you’re sending more than one card, just put them all in one package or envelope and send. Feel free to put your return address on each card. You may gain a pen-pal!
How should I address these veterans? Dear American Hero, or Dear Veteran, works!
What should I write? Something from your heart! Thank them for their service. Tell them about yourself, and about what you’ve done with the freedom they fought for. If you’ve served tell them about that! Keep your notes cheerful and full of gratitude!!
When do cards need to be in by? The sooner the better, but no later than December 10th. This allows time for VLP to collect and disperse.

Veteran’s Last Patrol attn: Holiday Drive
PO BOX 6111, Spartanburg, SC 29304

A few more things:

Feel free to send unwrapped holiday gifts too. Here is an Amazon Wish List for you to pick from.
VLP is currently in 11states, they can use more veteran volunteers across the country. To visit veterans who are alone and in hospice care. Click here.
Another way to help is to designate Veteran’s Last Patrol your Amazon Smile charity, or you can donate directly here.

Veterans's Last Patrol

15 thoughts on “Reblog from National Anthem Girl: Send Christmas Cards to Lonely Vets in Hospice Care”

  1. Equipsblog; Thank You for thinking and supporting us old Vets, I am a 74 year old vet sitting here alone in an old log cabin, having just lost the 35 year Love & best Friend ever, I never thought she would beat me out of this life first, yet my neighbors bring me soup, boxes of food, give me Love & Hugs, so the Alone hours are not unbearable…..This Kindness is what keeps this old world rolling around gifting us air to breath, night & day. I am an old reader of many,many written words, books, magazines, I am just now learning how to write what I think, I only have so many heart beats left to use so I am making the most of them. It is people like your-self who keep my old Heart Beating!

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    1. Alaskamanspeaks, I’m sorry to hear about your losing the love of your life. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Glad you found the reblog meaningful. You might want to check out National Anthem Girl’s webpage. She does a lot of wonderful things throughout the year for vets. Happy Holidays, Pat

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      1. I am a Vietnam VET, I have a New Brother in Staten Island, N.Y., whose Son lost all four limbs to an IED…In that meaningless Iraq war, together we are building homes via “The Road Home Foundation” which provides specialized built homes for wounded Vet’s…..Alex Morrocco is his name and his wounded son, Brendan Morrocco, the first ever double arm transplant, a young man whose Bravery in the face of impossible odds, displayed only Courage, and the will to Live! He reaffirms my faith in Man-Kind, emphasis on that last word!

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  2. Thank you for your service. I appreciate learning about the Road Home Foundation. I’ve never heard of it before. Your faith in Man-Kind (emphasis on the last word) is a testament that is hard to maintain at times. as the Navy would say, Bravo Zulu or Well Done. Thanks for taking the time to share this commentary. Kudos to the Morocco family.


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