Old Age: When Your Body Demands Payback


My body and I argue

Almost every single day

It complains that I’m the reason

Things are now this way

“For all  the things you could have done

And the things you failed to do

The only reason for this mess

It is all because of you!

So don’t tell me that it  hurts

And will I stop the pain?

After many years of misuse

It’s my turn to complain.”



16 thoughts on “Old Age: When Your Body Demands Payback”

  1. Thank you for sharing your poetic thoughts. As one aging friend to another, and at your invitation, I’ll share one of my own. I wrote it many years ago, thinking of my Dad. Now, it seems to describe me as well.

    Losing Their Grip

    Frail, translucent hands,
    familiar yet foreign in an Old World sort of way,
    veins high and meandering under parchment skin.

    From Omaha to Inchon and a lifetime since,
    they’ve swung an axe and loaded freight,
    shoveled gravel, carried hod,
    built up walls and torn them down again.

    For all they’ve done, they aren’t so much to look at now.
    Their past is history, you might say.

    There’s no surprise in getting old, of course,
    one ache at a time.
    The only thing that gets me is:
    I figured that my mind would start to go,
    lose its grip.
    Who knew my hands would go first?

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