22 thoughts on “Reblog: Merriam-Webster Pasta Quiz”

  1. Well, 7 out of 12 this time. I can credit that to growing up within easy distance of Boston, where the Italian community is strong and Wednesday has been “Prince spaghetti day” since time began. That and nostalgic memories of Father Guido Sarducci and his Cardinal Funghi from the old SNL days. I can only stumble by accident through real Italian, but that upbringing has helped me cultivate a pseduo-Italian accent at times and given me a taste for pasta.

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  2. Boston does have some excellent Italian. I thought I knew my pasta better but it was a bit of knowledge and a lot of luck. We are going out for Italian on Friday night so I’ll have to stave off my pasta cravings for now. I do have to look up how to make Lemoncello since our little indoor/outdoor lemon bush finally turned its dozen lemons yellow after we brought it indoors for the winter.

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  3. Reblogged this on A Jeanne in the Kitchen and commented:
    What’s your pasta? Do you know what your pasta shapes are? This is another fun little quiz I found on e-Quips blog. Have fun with this. I got 12 out of 12, but I had to really think about some them. One was purely just a lucky guess. Can you figure out which one that was? Have fun.


  4. I love pasta! This was really a test of one’s knowledge of Italian. I got 9/12, but totally blew the first two. Somehow I thought gnocchi were “priest stranglers,” although looking at the word, I could sort of see the meaning looking at me.

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  5. I really need to learn a little Italian. It’s embarrassing. I failed. Then a few hours later, did it again to make sure i learned some of them. But I take issue with their answer for farfalle. That was always one of the ones I know. It’s bow tie pasta cause it looks like a bow tie. Their quiz said it meant butterfly – ok, looks like that BUT I looked up the actual past and it can be EITHER. Take that Merriam Webster.


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