Reblog: Words that are Trademarked

Do your thoughts ping-pong back and forth when you have a fever?  Do you reach for a Kleenex to blow your nose, wishing it would also clear your thoughts?  Did you know that two words in this paragraph are trade-marked?  Do you know which two they are?

Click here to find out  50 words that you may not know were trade-marked.

word cloud for trade-marked


8 thoughts on “Reblog: Words that are Trademarked”

  1. Actually, there is another word in the paragraph that is trade-marked: “trade-marked” (can also be spelled “trademark”). Pardon the literal-ness of my response — that was “ill-literate” of me.

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  2. Good reminders in case we’re tempted to use these words in fiction. I know this isn’t always a problem, but helpful to consider all the possibilities. I remember years ago when my 4th grade students had a chuckle at my expense. I had recently moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and had no idea what a Zamboni was. Those who grew up with hockey probably said it as one of their first words:)

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    1. As a sequinhead (Ice skating fan), one of my favorite between skating portions has been to watch the skillful zamboni drivers clean the ice in circular patterns. Some of those drivers displayed a lot of personality. Of course, Snoopy drives a zamboni around Woodstock’s bird bath so they can play ice hockey. Thanks for the morning smile.

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