Who is that Dithery Lady of a Certain Age?

In the parking lot of the local Kroger grocery store, a woman of a certain age pushed her cart up and down the parking lot rows. She kept pointing her key fob in different directions as if trying to echo-locate her car.  The car did not return a confirming beep.

After walking down one row and up another, she paused to see if her car might be in a different row.  Even though she was not in the middle of the road, she unknowingly paused in front of a car, blocking its ability to drive forward.

She became aware of the frustrated driver within a few seconds, waved at the lady behind the wheel and pushed her cart forward.  The driver revved her engine to show her annoyance.

Was I the cart pusher or the frustrated drive?  Neither is an admirable person.

12 thoughts on “Who is that Dithery Lady of a Certain Age?”

  1. My husband and I are on opposite sides here. If he is in the car he will quickly become frustrated … for me life is just too short and having done exactly the same thing in a car park I wait patiently! There is always something interesting to look at around me! Sometimes coming up with ideas for stories!😀

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  2. To characterize the (elderly?) cart-pusher as not an admirable person strikes me as being unnecessarily judgmental. Her unawareness of the frustrated driver wasn’t deliberate, but the driver’s reaction was. Too many of us get bent out of shape over unintended happenings that wouldn’t be a big deal if we didn’t take them personally.

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  3. As the ditherer, I think I can describe her (aka me) as unnecessarily oblivious and a hazard to navigation by focusing on finding her car and not what was going on around her.. I thank you for your kind words for clueless old ladies.


  4. Although I think the cart-pusher was just trying to find a car and didn’t mean to get in anybody’s way. Maybe the driver could have just given a tap on the horn to warn the cart-pusher – no need to be a grump about it!


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