Monkey scratching his head
Say What?

Has the bully pulpit become more bully than pulpit?

What is it about a subpoena that frightens the memory away?  Do they drink the fifth before they plead it?

Is Santa Claus a toy sleigher?

A woman says something.  One to three minutes later it percolates through a man’s brain and he utters the same words as an original  thought.  The other men in the group hail it as significant.  Why?

You hear something on the news that you agree with–Benghazi attack, withholding funds for Ukraine to mention two from the recent past.  You say you are not a conspiracy theorist type of person–is it because you agree with whichever side is being discussed? Do you think that the other side is actually part of a conspiracy theory?

“I may not know where I’m at but I know where I’m going.”  From an old woman confused about Charlotte, NC, and Charlottesville, VA.

A mother was having a discussion with her teenage daughter and had to eat a bite of her daughter’s bagel before saying anything. ” You don’t like nothing that they serve?

If you’re drifting, someone else is doing the thinking.  Congresswoman Love

Trump is a British slang word for fart. It is derived from the noun ‘trump’ which is a blast from a trumpet.

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