Reblog: Card Tricks–Decline and Fall of the Old Card Catalog

In the last century (which was in the previous millennium) when I attended Library School (before they all became iSchools),  I spent hours trying to figure out the correct Library of Congress Subject heading for women in the military.  That was not subject heading,  neither was females in the military (or any of the separate services).  I can not remember how I stumbled across the magic subject heading of United States–Department of Defense–Women. Once I learned that magic combination, I could then find information about the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

Today it’s much easier to type the keywords in women and the military.

For those of you who feel nostalgic or are old enough to remember the card catalog, read

about the not-so good old days.


6 thoughts on “Reblog: Card Tricks–Decline and Fall of the Old Card Catalog”

  1. Ha! Pat, I remember how those card catalogs terrified me as a kid. It felt so complicated, and I was so sure that I’d file everything in the wrong place. (I volunteered to help the librarian in our tiny school, to get out of the classroom for an hour a day.) Hugs.

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  2. Thanks for the link to that great article about card catalogues. It sent me on a walk down memory lane. I started my library career with AACR2, in a university library that still had a card catalogue. The cards in the 1980s were produced by an in-house computer system that used MARC format. I remember checking filing of new cards that were “above the rod.” Each of us cataloguers had a section. Several years later, we moved to an online catalogue and the cards were removed, and as far as I know, disposed of. We kept the shelflist, however; I think it was still there when I left in 1992. And I retired (from a public library) in 2016, soon after RDA was adopted and a replacement for MARC format was in the works. I actually don’t know if that’s been implemented yet. Anyway, it’s been nice to trot out all those acronyms and cataloguing terms on your blog, Pat.

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  3. So pleased you liked it Audrey. I thought you might like it when I posted it. Still not sure how much RDA has replaced MARC. The two volunteer places where I have cataloged, we are still using MARC.


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