Dreams vs. Reality

Does anyone remember Father Ted and his fellow cleric Father Dougal?

Father Dougal had trouble differentiating between what was real and what was a dream so Father Ted drew a simple picture to help him remember.

Father Dougal Dream vs. Reality
Is your coronavirus information based upon science or a hunch?


Where is Father Ted when we need him now?

16 thoughts on “Dreams vs. Reality”

  1. The great problem that Italy has (more than 7,000 infected and almost 400 dead) was due in large part because they believed that the arrival of coronavirus was a hunch and did not take measures to prevent contagion.

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    1. I live in Italy and it is currently a disaster. However, I also live part of the year (now) in the U.S. and I am worried that we are not doing enough. One example: There is no thorough screening at out largest airport in Atlanta. I am not currently allowed to fly back to Italy but any Italian is allowed to fly here. We are in for more cases in the U.S. – Bigly!

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      1. As I am reading, there are already 700 cases throughout the USA and the dead are going for 36. Unfortunately, they are announcing that a worldwide pandemic will be declared soon and we do not know what its scope will be. You just have to take your steps to avoid contagion.
        The Italian thing is a big health problem. Hopefully these measures can take effect and lower the number of contagion.

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          1. It has already happened in China, in Korea and now in Italy with 60 million people in quarantine, it is not known what they are waiting for.
            Take care, please.


          1. In Santiago de Chile there is still no alarm. We have 20 infected but not deceased. It seems that the first measure will be to close schools and places of recreation. I also hope you take care please.
            A hug

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