April is Science Citizen Month

In 2016, the first year of Citizen Science Day celebrations and activities kicked off with a major celebration at the USA National Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC. A series of citizen science “open houses” and activities followed, organized locally by science centers, museums, libraries, universities and schools, and federal agencies around the US and beyond. The celebrations culminated with the U.S. National Parks Bioblitz, May 20-21, 2016. Citizen Science Day continued in 2017, 2018, and 2019 to encourage celebrations of public engagement in research.

science experiment

For 2020, we’re building on Citizen Science Day in 2019 and taking it up a notch with a whole month to support libraries, institutions, community groups, museums, galleries, archives, and individuals all around the world. Let’s introduce millions to citizen science: real scientific research.

  • The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM), a program of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), has expanded its partnership with SciStarter to support Citizen Science Month (April 2020).
  • In 2019, the two organizations worked collaboratively to promote Citizen Science Day in libraries, to increase awareness of citizen science in communities across the nation, and help individuals explore the impact of their environment on health.
  • Through citizen science and crowdsourcing, NNLM can engage communities in addressing societal needs and accelerating biomedical science, technology, and innovation.
  • Community participation in the research process also builds trust between NNLM and the communities that we serve.
  • The featured projects address environmental and health issues through citizen science.
  • SciStarter and the NLM put together a curated and publicly accessible page of activities (scistarter.org/nlm) to support Citizen Science month and other Citizen Science activities in your region.

During the month of April, NNLM and SciStarter seek to host citizen science activities in select cities.

Weekly webinars for the library community will be available leading up to the month of April for programming support and Citizen Science questions. Here’s how your library can host an event:

Sign up with this form.
Receive a program kit with instructions on facilitating an event
Set a date
Have fun with Citizen Science!

6 thoughts on “April is Science Citizen Month”

  1. My favorite Citizen Scientist is Laurence M. Klauber. He was an engineer, and his hobby was snakes. In 1956, he published a book on Rattlesnakes which is still considered to be the most comprehensive work published on that subject. His work was exhibited at the San Diego Natural History Museum Library, and the Museum even has a Citizen Scientist Manager: https://www.sdnhm.org/blog/blog_details/qanda-with-citizen-science-manager-lauren-marino-perez/102/

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