Live in the Time of Coronavirus, Pt 3, Someone Didn’t Get the Word

I have met the uninformed and it is us.

Tuesday was the last almost normal day.  Movies, schools and universities, libraries, and most public parks and attractions had already closed.

My husband took his car to the dealership for its annual inspection.  The person at the dealership flunked his car because one of the rear license plate lights was out.  When my husband checked it himself, both lights were burning.  When he mentioned it to the cashier, she told him that sometimes the LED lights were intermittent–$100 for the light and $20 for someone to replace the light.  Come back on Thursday because the light has to be ordered.

Coronavirus grab and go Greenberry's coffee

He texted me when he left the dealership and I met him for breakfast at  First  Watch at our neighborhood shopping center.  We were the only people in the restaurant beside the staff until another couple came in about the time we were leaving.  Social distancing was not a problem because of the lack of crowd in this popular breakfast/lunch place.

That night I had an inkling that the DMV might be closed because I needed to get something renewed.   Sure enough, the DMV had closed that day for about two weeks (at least for now).

On Wednesday, my husband got a phone call that the light bulb had been received and was scheduled for an appointment on Thursday morning–now it was drop off only.  I offered to follow him to the dealership so I could pick him up and we could go out to breakfast.

When we got to First Watch,  the owner apologized that now it was Grab and Go only.  He would take our order and bring it out to the car, but we could not wait in the restaurant.  Fortunately, it was a nice day so waiting outside the restaurant was not an issue.

My husband picked up his car and owed another $20.  Before he left it at the dealership he confirmed that the license plate LED was still burning.

That afternoon we went for a ride and decided to stop at our favorite winery to buy a bottle of wine and split s dessert while overlooking the lake from their large spacious porch.  The winery was closed and unable to sell us anything.  They did let us enjoy the view on the porch.

Today, there is more misinformation.

Many Millenials and gen Z-ers think they can not get the virus and if they do, they will not pass it on.  WRONG.

There are some medicines that will shortly be available to help treat the Coronavirus.  At some point but not SOON!

Picture of the empty shelves of a  San Diego Vons Market taken by Bonnie Brown on 20 March 2020

Vons empty shelves during the Coronavirus pandemic 20200320



14 thoughts on “Live in the Time of Coronavirus, Pt 3, Someone Didn’t Get the Word”

  1. We walked over to our local Vons this morning. The good news is that there is food on the shelves AND people are buying reasonable amounts. The bad news is that there are lots of empty shelves, and the lines are very long. I tried to thank everyone of the Vons employees that I saw. It can’t be easy for them.
    In other news, Roger has a friend who has a roofing business. Last night he loaded his truck as usual, and he was ready to go. However, Gov. Newsom told everyone to stay home. So the friend called his crew and told them to stay home. Today, he has learned that replacing a roof is an essential community service. So he is ready to go, but he doesn’t have a crew. And so it goes.

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    1. Life sure ain’t easy these days. I had to post your picture within the blog so I would have a URL to add to your comment, which is why you may see it twice. It needed a URL so if you post it online, we could just refer to that URL. Pat


  2. Wow! Sounds like a class A scam. We abolished those inspections in MN years ago. Now if a cop spots a light out he just tells you to replace it. Reminds me of the days when someone would check your oil and not push the dipsrick all the way down. Show you the stick that barely has any oil on it and sells yuu oil.

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    1. Fortunately, my wine supply is ample
      Today on the radio, I heard a DJ say he’d heard from a listener who was sidestepping the toilet paper shortage by purchasing a bunch of cheap, single use underwear.

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  3. Thank you Mr. Muse. I was naively astonished at how much the world had changed between Tuesday and Thursday. We watch a lot of news and listen to too many pundits so I have no logical excuse for being that out of the loop. But compared to some of the other assinine statements I’ve heard, my lack of situational awareness did not progress to the level of rampant stupidity, bull-headed indifference, or narcissistic delusions.

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  4. Yup. I hope everyone in the USA wakes up to the dangers of a huge pandemic soon. It’s tough staying home, but hopefully here in Rome we’ll be out of the worst … if people STAY HOME!

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