Blue Hour to Golden Hour

I am a big fan of the ‘thin’  places and times when the portal between the natural world and the spiritual worlds blur and you can almost imagine transitioning portals. This post defines segments within that magic period of transition.

Blue Hour to Golden Hour, Yesterday was all about the blue hour of a sunrise. We all know that light is the crucial element in photography.  For sunlight, %

Source: Blue Hour to Golden Hour

6 thoughts on “Blue Hour to Golden Hour”

  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us, Pat! I’ve been having some issues with WordPress, lately, and wonder if you’ve noticed anything like this. For example, when I went to the Blue Hour to Golden Hour site/blog and tried to click on “like,” it looks like a little box tries to open up but does not, and then my like doesn’t show up. I’ve also had some likes that I’ve clicked on in my regular reader list disappearing lately, as well. Anything you know of going on?

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        1. It’s been going on for maybe a month. It’s worse when I try to like or comment on my cellphone. Even on my computer, it can take several tries and I keep trying to find the sweet spot where the click will actually work.


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