Live in the Time of Coronavirus: Pt IV, Hunkering Down

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Time is a malleable commodity.:

  • Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock with relentless precision as measured by the clock.
  • Too fast or too slow as measured by human perception

More places close and permissible group size shrinks in direct proportion to the viral spread of COVID-19.    Many of us have reached the whiney kid stage, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  Other than drawing some hopeful inferences about what is happening in China and Japan, no one knows when There is and what There will look like.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the countless people that were in hiding during WWII.  Their enforced confinement was harsher than most of us will have to endure–insufficient clothing/food/heat and death or concentration camps if discovered.  The volunteers that aided them were in danger of imprisonment at best.

Compared to that, staying at home with access to sufficient food and water, heat and air conditioning, books, computers, television, Internet, radio, music, and streaming services, doesn’t seem so bad.  If anyone has literally died of boredom, I’m not aware of it.

In an attempt to keep some perspective, I tried to find a downloadable copy of The Diary of Anne Frank at my local library.  No such luck.  Then I typed the title into the Internet, expecting to be taken to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  I found a link to a PDF of  The  Diary of a Yong Girl: Definitive Edition,  edited by Otto H. Frank and Mirjam Pressler, translated by Susan Massotty.

So, when does time pass too slowly?  (This is a personal opinion.)

  1.  Listening to pundits debate what will happen next.
  2.  Watching an official brag or complain about how good/bad things are.
  3.  Wondering how good or bad the economy will be when this too shall pass.
  4.  Avoiding chores I should be doing.

When does time pass too quickly?

  1.  Listening to an audio book.
  2. Time away from home.
  3. Thinking of and writing my next blog post.
  4. Sleeping at night.

What is your perspective on mandated social distancing?


Home sweet home squirrel

16 thoughts on “Live in the Time of Coronavirus: Pt IV, Hunkering Down”

      1. Yes, thank you! 🙏🏻
        I need to break the shackles on my mind. There’s a total lockdown in the country presently, and curfew in my district for some time now, leading to a two-pronged problem: one, there’s too much on the mind (more of the impending economic recession than the virus), and two, I’ve run out of photographs…😐

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  1. Many people are too concerned about their personal financial situations to be able to kick back and relax. Governments (certainly here in Jersey (C.I.) are moving to cover off that problem to a significant degree. Otherwise, control what we can control and try to ignore the other noise.

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  2. Personal finances are a big deal here too. I’m glad the government is stepping in to help–one advantage of being old is that the soaring national debt will not be my problem.


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