Live in the Time of Coronavirus, Pt 5: Signs of Hope?

President Trump did not want the cure to be worse than the disease, expressing hope that the country can get back to work or a more normal existence by Easter.

My church has canceled in-person services until after Easter.  (For Easter, this church normally adds an extra early morning service to meet the demand of the parishioners)  So who do you believe?

According to the New York Times, “Families are decking the halls to bring light in a dark time.”   Christmas is close to the Winter Solstice when the amount of daylight is at a minimum.  We are now past the Vernal Equinox when most places in the Northern Hemisphere are getting more than 12 hours of daylight (and increasing daily until June 20, 2020 ).  So the darkness is more symbolic of hard times with an unknown future than the amount of daylight.

Christmas lights against a dark sky and wrapped around bare tree limbs is a wonderful, glowing gift to passersby.   To me, Christmas lights competing with sunset and burgeoning leaves and flowers do not have the same impact. (Bah, humbug!)


On the plus side, I saw people walking out of Wegman’s with large packs of toilet paper. When I went back today, there were only single rolls left. However, this was the second store in a week that had toilet paper. (I  have not seen any store have it in about  three weeks.)

toilet paper at Wegman's

Adult incontinence supplies and feminine hygiene products and were also being rationed.  So are flu and pain medicines.


Do you think that things are getting better or will they continue to get worse for at least a few more weeks?  What  things cheer you up these days?

12 thoughts on “Live in the Time of Coronavirus, Pt 5: Signs of Hope?”

  1. Do you mean for toilet paper? Unfortunately, looking at the USA, I think you’re in for a lot more pain before things get better. Talking over the phone to my children cheers me up these days. And reading mystery stories, even pretty yukky ones…

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    1. Toilet paper is one sign and the idiocy of Donald Trump saying that we should be able to get back to business as normal on Easter (he changed his tune yesterday) was another possibly hopeful sign. That is why I put a question mark at the end. Glad you are finding a few th ings that make you happy.

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  2. I feel safer because our gov here in MN has taken positive steps to prevent the spread. I feel better because more people seem to be listening to the doctors and scientists than Trump and Fox. My wife and I self quarantined way before it was popular.Frankly, I think the real hope lies in the vaccine just as back in the days of polio’
    Gosh I miss seeing and hugging my family.

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Don. Glad you are doing your best to stay safe. I concur that our governors (overall) are doing a better job of stepping up during this time of crisis than much of the federal government. I also thought about the polio vaccine and what a game-changer it was. Fingers crossed for a comparable breakthrough with the coronavirus. You’ll get to hug and see your family soon I hope.

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  3. Yes I’m afraid we’ve all got to live with the upward curve for a while yet, cases and (sadly) deaths. And the USA seems to be a little behind Europe in that regard. In a way it’s OK to see the graph rise daily in the knowledge that it WILL plateau at some stage and recede, with a cautious relaxation of policy. Stay safe.

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