Poem 7: April 7 is National Beer and National No Housework Day

Since I don’t like beer, where I write beer–for me think wine….

I think I’ll start the day with beer

So there will be no cleaning here

Once I fill that mug with brew

My daily chores will be all through

Today will have no pain and sorrow

They can’t return until tomorrow

Carpe diem is what I say

Raise your mug and seize the day.

14 thoughts on “Poem 7: April 7 is National Beer and National No Housework Day”

    1. As long as making my bed and doing laundry does not count, almost everyday is a no housework day. Should be a national holiday and maybe a reason to send a greeting card. 🙂


  1. Really? A no-housework day? I hate to admit it, but now that I am under house arrest like half the world’s population, there’s nothing to do at home EXCEPT housework (well, and fritter away the hours surfing the web and finding gems like your blog to read). I have dusted things that had been forgotten for ages, vacuumed twice as often as usual (OK, that’s still only half as much as it should be, but still… ), and rearranged the linen closet. I see neighbors doing overdue home and garden projects too. If we didn’t have housework, we’d go nuts. Please remind me that I said this once life returns to normal some day.

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    1. You’re a role model. As long as you have the Internet, you should not get too fidgety. Thanks for your kind words about my blog. That is mostly how I keep busy.


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