Live in the Time of Coronavus, Pt 8–In the Zone

I found this wonderful meme on the Expatting in a COVID-19  World:  Log Entry 3 from Latitude Adjustment Blog.

Corona Virus zone


Which zone are you in? Some of our leaders are unfortunately still in the Denial Zone–which is somewhere left of the Fear Zone.

By reading some of the international blogs about how their lives have changed, it gives me some perspective and a feeling that we truly are all in this together.  I know what my husband and I are going through and feel I have a decent grasp of what my state and region are going through. As to what is going on in the United States, it depends upon who is giving the briefing and which news outlet you chose to believe.  Depending upon your point of view, the other side has a tenuous grip on reality.  (I just hope that Dr. Fauci is allowed to continue serving until this crisis has passed.)

Spring makes me hopeful and I’ll take any positivity I can find.  I personally find that I need at least one planned activity a day–some days it’s taking the trash out and getting the mail.  Going to the grocery store is a real treat.  Manage your expectations and learn to adapt.

Laughter can be the best medicine and it’s a nice change to be amused rather than confused or abused.  Does your mind feel contused?

We can mask our faces but not our realities.



13 thoughts on “Live in the Time of Coronavus, Pt 8–In the Zone”

  1. Useful diagram for sure. Wouldn’t it be great to hear a world leader actually leading the way forward with some of those messages to the right of the circle?


  2. Keep striving, Bea. It is marginally getting better and then we will get to find out what the New Normal will be. About time to write another Corona Update from Rom….


  3. Hi Pat. I’ve seen that graphic — it’s wonderful. The potential for learning and growth is there — it’s just hard to see it. Thanks for sharing it.
    Haha! I think I’m all three amused and confused and abused. And my mind definitely feels contused! You slay me! Hugs on the wing.

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