Poem 8: To Anna Anderson

anastastia and anna anderson
Anastasia (l) and Anna Anderson (r)

Anastasia was your name

bringing you haphazard fame

without proof to back your claim

Then,  rumors were put to rest

With the results of the DNA test

No longer can anyone cotest

Little girls still like your story

 Their favorite princess allegory.

Mahan grave in the UVA Graveyard
The Manahan Grave Marker at the UVA Cemetery in Charlottesville, VA.  Anna Anderson was not buried here–her bones are at Castle Seeon.

Anna Anderson was the most famous of the many women claiming to be the Grand  Duchess Anastasia of Russia.  She eventually married an eccentric professor near Charlottesville, Virginia.  Her memorial is at the University of Virginia graveyard.  Her ashes were buried in the churchyard at Castle Seeon on 18 June 1984.

Click here to read more about Anna Anderson.

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