Poem 19: Is it dirty or is it clutter?



Is it dirty or  is it clutter,

Germophobes have been known to mutter.

Dirty dishes or shoes on the floor,

which of these two, bother you more?

Can you put it away? Does it need sanitizing?

Does it stink too badly for simple disguising?

Clutter is messy and could cause you to trip

Dirty is worse and a health hazard slip.

Books, shoes, and jackets may lay ’round in heaps

But using my bathroom won’t  give you the creeps

My kitchen is clean and my dishes are done.

But if you want clutter picked up, I’m not that someone.



11 thoughts on “Poem 19: Is it dirty or is it clutter?”

  1. Clutter? This old Alaska man, lost his Lady of 30 + years, and found his self sitting alone in our old log cabin, when he began to realize that his house only had narrow path-ways to the kitchen, the bed-room, everything was blocked by box after box of accumulated, useless crap…….So he got up off his ass and began Cleaning House, Nope do not need this, it has been sitting in a box for 20 + years, covered in dust——Out-Out-Out, pick-up load, after pick-up load, thousands of books, forever unread, life is not long enough to read them all…..Out-Out-Out…..500 candles, thousands of old photos, boxes filled with unknown pills, vitamins, man where did all this crap come from? It was US, children of the 50’s, worried about Survival. Well I am 74 now and who cares if I live on or die? Now I can walk through my house, I can dance on the floor, no more boxes! Keep on with the Poems, E-quips!!!! ________________________________

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