Novel Characters (not a conoravirus joke)


Books glasses on a desk.How well-read are you?  Have you spent your novel virus time reading books?

Pop quiz: “Can you guess the novels based on their protagonists?” (via Mental Floss)

The only reason my score was even this high was that I had a few minutes to use the Internet.

novel character score




21 thoughts on “Novel Characters (not a conoravirus joke)”

  1. I got 18 out of 26. OK, I did look up a couple of them that I wasn’t really sure about, but if I didn’t have a clue I didn’t bother. I was surprised I actually remembered a couple of them (Billy Pilgrim and Esther Greenwood), because I read the books only once, decades ago.

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    1. So far you are our valedictorian. I thought it was one of the more difficult quizzes. With the exception of a few like Heathcliff, I thoght many of the characadters were quite obscure.

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