Mother’s Day–Granbirdies update

We had to water the fucshia plant this afternoon.  Since the mother bird did not fly out of the nest, we used the opportunity to take the plant down and look into the nest.

All four eggs have hatched!  The babies are naked and not yet making any sound, but they can sure open their mouths when they think food may be approaching.

Hungry baby bird waiting to be fed

We are guessing that Mama was out making a food run.

We look forward to hearing the chirping of hungry birds soon.

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day–Granbirdies update”

  1. This is definitely baby bird season, and those little ones are great. Nice photo. I hope mama keeps them warm and well fed and that some large animal (other than you) doesn’t figure out how to dislodge that nest. Keep us posted.

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  2. It is exciting to see the newborn hatchlings. More will be when the chicks start to grow. They will have enough noise with them when they start ordering their food.
    Very good your photo

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