Reblog: Within the Sounds of Silence….

What is silence?  Is it the absence of sound?

I love libraries–particularly if I’m the only one in there.  Of course without patrons, there would be no need for a library.  What do libraries sound like when no one there?  Do you hear the whispers of Shhhhhh blowing softly past your ear?

The New York Public Library is currently closed.  It is still full of ambient sounds.  Click here to read about a recording of New York Sounds that are helping people get through the Coronavirus lockdown.  And listen to the quiet library

12 thoughts on “Reblog: Within the Sounds of Silence….”

  1. Anything that can cause relaxation at this time, welcome. So we cut off the anxiety of not being able to go out and feel how the hallways of the library speak to us, hoping that one can sit in front of the shelves full of books.

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          1. I studied high school for 3 years (13-14-15 years) in a boarding school and spent two hours a day in the library. That’s where my addiction to books comes from.

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    1. I agree, DC. Libraries are usually quiet. I think the source of this sound was mostly outside noise that could be heard in the mostly silent library. Have you ever noticed that at night you can hear outdoor conversations that you never hear or at least notice during the day?

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