Reblog: Ripples of Hope

Do you think that the world will be better or worse after the Coronavirus?  Our air pollution has gotten much better.  Our increased use of plastic has created more plastic pollution in landfills and the ocean.  We are forced to address the inequities in our health systems and what it means to be essential.

Sunrise silence
Will it be the dawn of a new day?

Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has written a thoughtful blog post on the topic:

My friend Stephen sent me this earlier in the year, and it gave me great hope that, just maybe, our individual actions could make this world a better place. At the time, Australia was in the midst of terrible bushfires, and I was questioning whether our attempts over the previous two years to live more sustainably had really made any difference at all in the grand scheme of things.

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10 thoughts on “Reblog: Ripples of Hope”

  1. Nature is the big winner, because as a result of the quarantine, we have not been destroying it. The problem will be economic because the closure of many companies is causing the dismissal of thousands of workers around the world. Banks predict a very large resection this and next year. In short, we will see how far this pandemic takes us. The only certainty is that we have to take care of ourselves when going out.
    A big hug

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    1. Thanks, Manuel. Will we improve? Hope we do not trade better air for a much worse plastic pollution problem. We need to improve the inequities in our economic models also. Abrazso a ti, tambien.

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