Why the Moon Gave Me a Smiley Face

It’s probably a once in a lifetime event but today I exceeded any expectations that I ever had about views.  It generated over 9,000 views but only 26 likes and 11 comments.

Smley FAce stats

I think people were hoping to actually see where and how they would find the smiley face moon which would have been caused by a crescent moon mouth with eyes by Jupiter and Venus.  Such a phenomenon is called an occultation.

smiley face moon

Unfortunately, the planets did not align correctly and were located in different parts of the heavens.

It might have been exactly what we needed to cheer us up during a pandemic.

What do you think?

19 thoughts on “Why the Moon Gave Me a Smiley Face”

  1. Who knows what will catch the public’s attention? They’re a fickle lot. As someone — Woody Allen? – once said, “Don’t ask questions. Just take the money and run.” (You do get loads of cash for all this, don’t you? You’re not doing all this wonderful writing just for the adulation from loyal fans?)

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  2. Everyone should have a friend like you. Making money would be the frosting on the cake
    I’m happy with some faithful followers who often like the post and are willing to comment occasionally.

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  3. I did a Google Search for smiley-faced moon last night and found this blog post as the first one listed under that search term so that may be part of the answer to my mystery.


  4. Thanks. You are way too kind and appreciate every sweet word you have written.. I think I wrote a blog post that many did not cover and on a topic that was of interest to lots of people. Not much competition.


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