National Archives at the Movies

The Motion Picture Preservation Lab at the National Archives performs conservation and preservation work on motion picture records. Among the millions of feet of film handled by staff each year, they’ve identified some of their favorites for your viewing pleasure!

Get your popcorn and join us for a variety of historic films from the Motion Picture branch of the National Archives.

Click here   See such classics as  Duck and Cover (Cold War anyone?), Zip Code with the Singing Six  (Haven’t we had zip codes forever?), and Smokey Bear (not bad for a 70 something bruin.).

Citizen Archivists

Citizen Archivists
Whew! You’ve been working hard. We’ve had an unprecedented number of Citizen Archivists who have been tagging, transcribing and commenting on records in the National Archives Catalog. In the past 8 weeks  1,975 Citizen Archivists have contributed:
260,967 tags
111,015 pages of transcriptions

6 thoughts on “National Archives at the Movies”

  1. Pretty cool.
    There’s a guy in Raleigh who collects the old educational movies and stuff like this. I found out that he (used to before corona) have showings at a theater there.

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  2. I imagine families had tenacity in the 60s to watch that zip code infomercial all the way through 🙂 I was wondering why the ultimate destination wasn’t coded as well but I now read that it was tried but is now deduced by OCR, which is pretty clever.

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