11 thoughts on “The New York Times Crossword and WWII”

  1. As several of the comments reveal, Will Shortz, editor of the NY Times Crossword since 1993, is featured in the documentary Wordplay (2006) which I have seen several times. Great documentary about crosswords and the Crossword Tournament. One of my classmates, from a small rural school in the south, put in his mother’s obituary that she did the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle in ink. Now, that is an achievement!

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  2. In this part of South America, crossword puzzles also had their heyday, especially when it was taken as an intelligence challenge and also as entertainment. Now, there is not so much hobby to solve them. It shows because the newspapers do not give importance and sometimes they do not even publish it.
    I found the story of crossword puzzles in New York interesting.
    A big hug

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  3. Interesting comment that sometimes the newspaper does not bother to publish the crossword puzzle. First time I’ve ever heard of that. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs back at you.


  4. Thanks for re-posting this article on the NYT and crosswords. I have been solving their puzzles daily for a LONG time, as my Dad did all the time we were growing up. My sister and her husband used to start the day doing the puzzle together (she solving the left side and he solving the right, with arm wrestling in the middle). Words are a wonderful playground, and American crosswords are a treat. They do take your mind off weightier things.

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  5. It all depends on what’s handy. Sadly, the NYT had to drop my paper subscription recently because they could no longer guarantee delivery in this Zip Code, so I am now on a digital subscription. The on-line puzzle is neither pen nor pencil. Some advantages, some frustrations…..

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