Grandbirdie Update

When we watered the Fuschia last Sunday, I had another opportunity to check up on our grandbirdies.  They are continuing to thrive and their parents are so busy gathering food for these growing, ravenous creatures they seem to hardly ever be on the nest. (I think there may have been a parent in the nest because of the feathers but I can not tell for sure. Would the babies have started sprouting feathers this early?)  So far as we can tell, the babies are still not to the sitting up and chirping for food level, but I think that will happen shortly.

Baby birds getting some feathers 20200516

8 thoughts on “Grandbirdie Update”

    1. It’s been to peek at them each week and see what is changing. We don’t want to bother them too often. Our excuse is that the plant does need to be watered. I’m surprised at how small and tidy the nest is constructed.


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