Giving Yourself Permission to Write

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When I lived in San Diego,  I used to take writing classes almost every quarter from the University of  California, San Diego Extension program because it was:

  1. Fun
  2. Convenient
  3. Had great teachers
  4. Offered a variety of classes
  5. Gave me a reason to permit myself to write

That is correct.  Unless I had a paper to write or a work assignment, I never gave myself permission to write just because I enjoyed doing it.

I had forgotten about that until Teagan R. Geneviene of  Teagan’s Books.,commented that

I let myself buy all sorts of paints and some canvases when I first moved, wanting to get back into that (after a decade long break), and I haven’t even done that. I’m “working on” allowing myself time for creativity and relaxation… working on it.

That was exactly how I felt about allowing myself time to write.

Fortunately, one of the last classes I took at UCSD Extension was a blog writing class–three years later, I’m still blogging.

It has become addictive and unless I have written something every day, the day feels unfinished, almost wasted.

On the plus side, I think that my writing has improved and it is easy to come up with  new topics (even before the ready made topic of Coronavirus).  I am old enough to have something to say and hopefully something worth sharing.

On the negative side, because writing is so easy for me, I know I do not push myself hard enough to improve. (I’m relying too much on the idea that practice makes, if not perfect, at least improvement.)

Do you enjoy doing something that you do not  give yourself permission to do?  Why are we like that?  Do we feel that we do not deserve to do something just because we enjoy it?

10 thoughts on “Giving Yourself Permission to Write”

  1. For me, writing isn’t a pure joy, by any means. It’s more like a job, although without a boss (except the Inner Judge), pay, or hours. What I feel guilty for spending a lot of time on now is reading. Reading purely for fun.

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  2. Yes, I enjoy doing things I don’t give myself permission to do, but in my case I think it’s my stupid perfectionism getting in the way. It’s hard to do something I know won’t be right, but when I DO do it, it’s so fun and satisfying. I get in my own way. ARRGH!

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  3. I write. I ramble. I daydream. I write again. I just wish that instead of typing, my brain can hook up to some kind of device that can read what I am thinking so I don’t have to write it down.

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  4. This is so true Pat. When it comes to writing, I sometimes forget the enjoyment of it – but blogging is my writing purely for pleasure, whereas with my fiction I’m always aiming for publication. Art is also like that for me – I have to stop myself being a perfectionist – that’s what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks and really enjoying it.

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  5. Exactly, Andrea. I’m glad you’re blogging for pleasure. We enjoy reading it too. Lucky you to also be an artist. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.


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