Worthless or Priceless

  • Worthless — having no real value or use
  • Priceless —  so precious that it’s value can not be determined

scale of justice

Is Donald Trump worthless or priceless as president?  Do you think his personality adds value to the office or  politics?  Is he iconoclastic or bombastic?

How about the news?

  • Fox–worthless or priceless
  • NBC–worthless or priceless

Republicans ?

  • with Trump–worthless or priceless
  • without  Trump–worthless or priceless


  • with Biden–worthless or priceless
  • without  Biden–worthless or priceless

If you do comment, please keep it  civil.



14 thoughts on “Worthless or Priceless”

  1. I like the “please keep it civil”…! Ok, so most of these are worthless. And right now, democrats with or without Biden are priceless. And bombastic doesn’t even get close… 😦 My opinion, anyway.

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  2. I think Trump was just what we needed after Obama’s travesty. But I sure wish he’d tone-down his ranting.
    Please don’t get me started on my opinion of the media !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. No argument from me
    It seems as if Boris may have learned something from his btush with Coronavirus.
    From what I can see, can’t say that about the Donald.


        1. Where Donald is concerned, most people I’ve run into already have a strong opinion and reason or examples will not move them from their already established positions.


          1. Oh, I certainly have a strong opinion but mostly backed up with facts. My civility in conversations tends to go south when I’m dealing with people who a) have no facts and b) degrade the conversation first.

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