Days of Outrage and Sorrow



angel kneeling in a borrowed tombIt’s  been a week
Since they took a knee
and closed their ears
to his dying plea,
“I can’t  breathe.”

It’s been a week
of protests and prayers
and arsonist looters
whose disregard scares
“I can’t breathe.”

It’s been a week
of virus spread
increasing the total
of those lying dead
“They can’t breathe.”

It’s been a week
Of political spin
as headlines aim
for a November win
“We can’t breathe.”

It’s been a week
let’s take two knees
heads bowed in prayer
with heartfelt pleas
“Please help us breathe.”

13 thoughts on “Days of Outrage and Sorrow”

  1. It was a day when the people of the United States and now, the world, saw with indignation and sadness how far human evil can go because of racist sentiment. The “I can’t breathe” has served to expose the mistreatment that Afro-descendants are exposed to, mostly, at the hands of the police.
    A poem that you have reflected our denotation with poems that call us to reflection. Well done Pat. It is an opportune time for your inspiration to come to us with exquisite poetry.

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  2. Even if we can hold on until Nov. 3, we won’t be able to breathe again until January when Trump is dragged kicking and screaming from the White House….and by then, the air in America may not be fit to breathe.

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