Live in the Time of Coronavirus: Pt 16, Quarantine Fatique

About four months ago most of the United States began some form of lockdown.  About a month ago, most of those states loosened-up some restrictions.  Some states require face masks in public, others strongly recommend it.  Many politicians refuse to wear a mask for a variety of reasons (vanity among them.)

Most states use a phased approach to re-open.  Many of those states are not adhering to guidelines finally released by the CDC.   There has been a spike in COVID-19 cases in many states that have reopened.

People argue:

  • increased numbers are caused by increased testing, not more cases
  • hospital bed use is a better reflection of the actual increase in number as opposed to testing results.

Two places to get COVID-19 statistics are

  1. CDC- COVID-19 Chart through 13 June 2020
  2. John Hopkins University-

John Hopkins Map 20200617

    1. Look at the Recovered sections if you want to feel a bit more hopeful.

John Hopkins recovered snapshot 20200617

Virginia is one of the states where the daily number of virus cases and deaths are going down.  We are in phase II of the state’s reopening.  People are weary of any limitations, despite an increase in what they can do and where they can go.

On June 17, the local news announced that 25 states had increased cases of COVID-19–three of them had increases greater than 100%

At the Distillery.

We visited it last Monday.  The young woman running the distillery that day, met us at the window before we entered the building.  She asked to see our ID cards (both of us are in our 60s) and said she would put her mask on if we wanted her to wear one.

Approximately eight guests were in the tasting room, including us.  Four of them left about five minutes after we got there.  Social distancing was left to the discretion of each couple.

The young woman made a feeble attempt at wiping the bar top down with a splash of hand sanitizer swirled around with not-quite-clean rag. (She never did put her mask on despite making several mixed beverages for the four customers.)

The bathroom was not as clean as it normally was with a dark ring around the toilet bowl at the waterline.

At the Hardware Store.

At a small, locally run hardware store, neither of the two store employees wore masks.  They came out from behind the wooden counter to help customer find items in the store.  My husband and I were the only two people in the store wearing masks when we went in to purchase a fan and a woodscrew.

At the Grocery Store.

Today at the local Kroegers, the store still had one door listed as the entrance and one door listed as the exit.  As I entered, a young man pushed his cart under the temporary belt line control indicating that people were not to go in that direction and out the entrance door.  As I exited, a woman was pushing her cart into the grocery store.

All the staff and customers I saw were still wearing masks.  Most people seemed to have abandoned wearing the rubber gloves I saw on earlier visits.  They also seemed less concerned with practicing social distancing.

At Protests.

I have not been to a protest march and can only observe what I’ve seen on television.  From Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Washington, DC,  Richmond, and Charlottesville, social distancing is a pipe dream.  I’ve seen more masks proportionally worn by the protesters than I have seen worn in the Senate.

Unlike COVID-19, protesting injustice is something that people can see and participate actively.  With COVID019, they can wash their hands and maintain six feet of separation.




7 thoughts on “Live in the Time of Coronavirus: Pt 16, Quarantine Fatique”

  1. Most people around here still seem to be wearing masks, at least in grocery stores and on the street. Bars are another matter, though. As I drove past one bar on the edge of town the other night, I noticed that they had a volleyball tournament going in their side yard, and there weren’t many masks in the crowd. I think it’s mostly younger people who don’t have masks, but then they are the ones who seem to need to be out a lot.

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  2. An astute observation. I hope they no longer think that they can’t get or pass it on. Around here I’ve noticed more mask-wearing in blue island Charlottesville and Albemarle County than I have noticed in the more red-leaning counties of Nelson, Green, and Madison. Orange County (home of James Madison) also seems to lean towards wearing a mask. Wonder if they are following an example…


  3. Here in Rome it’s mostly young people who don’t wear masks, and oldsters (men) who wear their masks… under their noses! It’s actually so simple to wear masks properly – look at Japan! – you really wonder what’s wrong with people…

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  4. It does make you wonder. Are we genetically programmed to have the mentality of rebellious teenagers “You aren’t the boss of me.” In the States, it truly does start at the top these days.


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