July 7 is National Dive Bar Day

National Dive Bar Day is sponsored by Seagram’s Seven Crown because 7 and 7 is a classic dive bar drink.

Definitions vary as to what a dive bar is. Dive bars are generally considered to be dingy, working-class bars, although people from all social stratifications are welcome to frequent them. The term shouldn’t be overused: not every single small bar is a dive bar, and many bars that aren’t dives are wrongly labeled as such.

One of my favorite dive bars is Big Sam’s at Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. Although I would not personally qualify it as a dive bar, I have a t-shirt that disagrees with me.


8 thoughts on “July 7 is National Dive Bar Day”

  1. About time they have a National Dive bar day! That’s great. I love this reference in Wiki:

    For me, the ideal dive bar is run by a beefy guy named Frank, where the aroma of yesterday’s beer still hangs in the air, and your quest for a clean bathroom (or toilet paper, for that matter) will go eternally unanswered. A bottle of Bud costs two bucks, a shot of Jack, $3, and Pabst Blue Ribbon is served in a can. The sign outside says Steaks, Dinners, Cocktails— but there hasn’t been any food served since FDR was president. The prevailing decorative elements are red Naugahyde, wood-toned Formica, and cinder blocks.”[4]
    Cool post! Cheers!

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  2. That is a wonderful description. Big Sam’s is long on tiki and does serve good food as long as it can be prepared on a grill. They also have great mixed drinks, with cheap breakfast cocktails.

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