Lend Me Your Ear

When I was born  they helped me hear

The original function of the ear.

Next, they helped hold back my hair

so my eyes could glance, or see, or stare

Earbuds were inserted  for music and song

Before Bluetooth cell phones came along

Then vanity was added on to hearing

When I pierced them  and wore earrings

Next came glasses to better see

Letters no longer clear to me

Now that masks are daily wear

My ears have more than they can bear

Hearing aids not yet required

Nor or they as yet desired.



Virus Outbreak New York

12 thoughts on “Lend Me Your Ear”

  1. Here’s to ears, Pat! I love earrings, but can’t stand anything inside my ears.
    When I had a decade of absurdly noisy neighbors in DC, people kept telling me to just get earplugs. But with my sinuses, it always made me feel like I was underwater. Okay… I’m still rambling. Hugs on the wing!

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  2. Clever! You can turn anything into a poem. Ears are useful little appendages. So are earplugs. I’ve taken to plugging one ear every night. All kinds of irritating sounds are filtered out, like wind, rain in the downspout, and the husband’s CPAP machine, which isn’t as noisy as snoring, but is noticeable.

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    1. Thanks, Audrey. That is one of the nicest comments anyone has ever made to me. I just wish I could abide earplugs better than I do. For whatever reason, I don’t like to hear the sound of breathing noises, even if does not rise to the level of snoring. Maybe I need to experiment with more earplug brands. Hope you are able to find a good night’s sleep. I remember waking up at 5 one Sunday morning in the college dorm because I could quietly hear someone playing Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon beer. I check my room and the other room in our two-room suite, the nearby suites, and the floor above us and below us. I could only hear the song in the room. I never found out where it was coming from and eventually went back to bed and perhaps back to sleep until about 7.

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      1. You’re welcome, Pat. That’s the thing about some sounds–once you hear them you can’t stop. Sounds like dripping taps, breathing, and that song. I usually sleep well, but if it’s windy enough that the trees are creaking and clanking, that can keep me awake, so I tried plugs and it worked. I just use those cheap foam things you roll up and pop in.

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