Reblog: Flying Tigers-Flew Against the Japanese from China

How many of you have ever heard of the Flying Tigers?  Before the US entered WWII following the attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941, volunteer pilots were flying in China against the Japanese.

A one-year contract to live and work in China, flying, repairing and making airplanes. Pay is as much as $13,700 a month with 30 days off a year. Housing is included and you’ll get an extra $550 a month for food. On top of that, there’s an extra $9,000 for every Japanese airplane you destroy — no limit.
That’s the deal — in inflation-adjusted 2020 dollars — that a few hundred Americans took in 1941 to become the heroes, and some would even say the saviors, of China.

Flying Tigers

9 thoughts on “Reblog: Flying Tigers-Flew Against the Japanese from China”

  1. Yep. Actually, John Wayne starred a movie about them called the “Flying Tigers” filmed in 1942 by Republic Pictures. John Wayne played Captain Jim Gordon, the leader of a squadron of American pilots flying against the Japanese for the Chinese government. Great movie.

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  2. Very interesting.

    I have heard about Flying Tigers, because I am interested in history and flying due to working for Finnair all my work life. In Finland we have the only one Brewster F2A Buffalo in the world. Here it is known as Brewster BW 372. In this post I have told about it and shown many war machines.

    Aviation Museum of Central Finland

    Happy weekend!

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