A New Way for WordPress to Make More Money from Us

Like many of you, I have just tried the new Gutenberg Editor and like most of you, I hate it.

I Googled how to revert to the old classic editor and because I am old, I printed out the directions. What the instructions fail to mention, is that you need to be at least at the Business Level ($300/year) before you are allowed to install Plug-ins which would include the Classic editor.

If I am missing something obvious, someone PLEASE tell me. I may be slow but normally I’m educable.

23 thoughts on “A New Way for WordPress to Make More Money from Us”

  1. UGH. I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks but I just went into my site and selected Post/New and got this message:
    Meet the Classic block: The block editor is now the default editor for all your sites, but you can still use the Classic block, if you prefer.
    So I clicked the X to close it and it went to Block editor. Sigh….
    Wish I could help. I’ll have to play with this…

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    1. Audrey, this is very helpful. Thanks. I stumbled across the classic editor icon within the Block Editor–Block Editor will take some getting used to. I read in one of Anne Rice’s vampire books that one of the reasons vampires commit suicide is because they long outlive the time they are from. After a while, they get tired of the constant change. I could sympathize since both technology, norms, and politics are changing so fast and not always for the better. At least fashion seems to have remained more constant.


  2. Hi Pat, sorry to hear you are unhappy with the change. Personally as soon as the new Gutenberg block editor arrived, a couple of years ago, I started using it. It required a bit of adaption but I found it pretty intuitive and soon began to like it a lot. I hope you either find the old solution back or can work with the new one.


  3. I was experiencing a lot of glitches in using the classic editor in the block environment so I finally gave up an switched to block for all new posts. I’m getting used to it and finding things I like about it, but it will never be as simple as the old way

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    1. When I click on like or comment on this one particular blog, rather than going to either the like or the comment section, it shoots up to the top of the post. That means I have to scroll through the post and all of the advertisements to get to the section of the page I wanted to land on.

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