Blog Themes DO Matter

blog themesWe each have our own theme preference.  Normally, I try not to judge someone’s blog theme,  however when:

  • Your graphics interfere with my ability to read the print of your blog post.  Splattering your portrait repeatedly is even more obnoxious than the selected graphics to highlight what you are writing about,  yet obscure the words you write.
  • Your blog automatically zooms to the top when I’m trying to read or write a comment.
  • Your blog will not allow me to go to the spot that the click here might indicate.

I have to really like your blog to want to bother with the inconvenience of navigating it .

Blog posts that are difficult to read or navigate are ranking up there with people who blog so frequently within a single day that they have become inadvertent spammers.

Please don’t be that person!

24 thoughts on “Blog Themes DO Matter”

  1. I agree, blog themes do matter. It has to be user friendly and systemically arranged to avoid confusions or just for the ease of navigation. At the same time, since most of the bloggers use WP reader to read new blogs and like/comment, the themes matter much less in this case.

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    1. Nathi, I agree that most blog posts are easy to navigate but I have found a few that are not. One is a blog I might otherwise read but trying to read the odd colored text, especially when the background is a triptych of the author’s face, I am not interested in struggling to read that text.

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    1. Priscilla, there is one blog that zooms up to the title when I click on like or comment. I then have to scroll down past the text and the advertisements to get to where I wanted to land. Maybe it’s a way to get people to have to read or at least scroll through the blog before they can like or comment on it. I have someone who likes several blogs in under a minute, about once a week. Good for statistics, but it makes me wonder why he bothers.

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  2. It’s nothing to do with themes Pat, but what I hate is advertising all over the blog post, to the extent that it interferes with the reading. In fact I will just come off those ad-heavy articles.

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  3. That is another of my pet peeves, Denzil. I’m not sure why some ‘free’ bloggers’ sites (mostly WordPress) have so many more ads than others unless it’s a way to monetize their site. Not interested enough to test the theory but if anyone knows, I’d like to find out.

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  4. It has to be said! The comment thing is especially annoying. I also find it tough when the background is vibrant and the text colour isn’t the standard black or white. Thank goodness I read posts on the WordPress reader half of the time?

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      1. I’m not familiar with WordPress reader, but since only one or two of the blogs I follow have a format so cluttered that it’s laborious to navigate, I won’t ask how to access it unless it’s simple to explain, as I respect your time.

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  5. Very valid points and for me if it is too hard to read because of interference, I just have to stop.
    Thank you for your post. I always learn from you and appreciate what you say.
    Sending you hugs and lots of love 🤗🤗❤️❤️

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  6. I took a blog class and was surprised to learn that we should not write more than 300 words. I average a little more than that but I do try to keep it neat and to the point.

    Yes, some blogs can be all over the place and be irritable.But I like the old army saying;
    “KISS.” Keep It Simple Stupid!

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